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Actuarios y Servicios Financieros - Services


In Actuarios y Servicios Financieros we are specialized in the following:

  • Training for the financial sector.
  • Financial planning and advice.
  • Actuarial services for corporate welfare: collective savings systems (occupational pension plans and savings group policies).
  • Advice on risk management and Solvency II for insurers.
  • Advice con IFR17 regulation.

Then develop the sections indicated in the previous section:


Specialized training for the financial sector

Financial and actuarial calculation , valuation of companies , making investment and financing decisions, risk management of financial institutions (Basel III and Solvency II), financial planning and retirement, fixed income, equities, derivatives, investment institutions, collective insurance and pension plans, portfolio theory and measurement of return of portfolio managers (performance attribution).

Advisory and financial planning

To Assess and to quantify investment projects for personal and family assets: retirement, education, maintenance of household expenditures, changing intergenerational family businesses, estate and gift taxation, etc.

Actuarial services for forecasting corporate social collective savings systems (occupational pension plans and savings group policies)

Advisor Investment cycle applied to collective savings systems and corporate welfare: definition of objectives, asset allocation, investment policy statement, investment vehicle selection and outcome measurement.
Compliances and financial actuarial pension plans and employment system of collective insurance savings: financial and actuarial reviews, technical notes and actuarial calculations.

Advisory services in risk management - Solvency II and IFRS17 for insurers

Technical actuarial consulting to insurance companies targeted in relation to the draft Solvency II


Pillar I, Pillar II (ORSA*), Pillar III , and IFRS17 regulation.


Contact us; we differ by proximity, understanding and adapting to the needs of each client.


*ORSA: Own- Risk and Solvency Assessment.